About Us

A Brief Outline about BAC Insurance Brokers

BAC Insurance Brokers has been operating for over 35 years, is privately owned and is now one of Australia’s largest specialist Strata Insurance Brokers.

Our mission is not to be the biggest insurance broker, it is to be the best that you have ever experienced.


Why You Can Trust Our Advice

BAC are not tied to any Insurance Company which is your guarantee that we will always recommend what we consider to be the best product from the most appropriate insurer for your needs. The in-house training our team receives ensures they are experts in the legal nature and insurance structure required for modern strata complexes. Our complete autonomy guarantees you impartial professional representation to all Strata Insurance providers.

That’s why our team can provide you with individual, professional, advice and recommendations tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Commitment to You – No Automated Phone Options

When you call BAC Insurance Brokers, you will never have to put up with an automated telephone service. You will be allocated at least two dedicated service contacts and given their direct phone number. You will always talk to a human and receive a personal, courteous and professional service.

BAC manage the insurance for over $70 billion in assets for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Strata properties throughout the Sydney region. This provides BAC with significant buying power, insight and leverage with insurers when negotiating policy cover, claims settlements and premiums for the benefit of our clients.

Note to Strata Managers

Our team of expert staff that are dedicated to service delivery is the reason that Sydney’s leading Strata Managers choose BAC.

See Strata Managers page for more information

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Making sure that you have the right cover in the first place is critical to
getting your claim successfully resolved in the end.