BAC Insurance Brokers specialise in strata insurance. We provide a full range of strata insurance products for and including:

  • Residential Strata Plans
  • Commercial Strata Plans
  • Mixed Use Strata Plans including Stratum Lots
  • Advice to building management committees (BMCs)
  • Community Associations (CAs)
  • Neighbourhood and Precinct Associations

What We Really Do

BAC annually place insurance for over $70 billion in assets for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Strata properties making us one of the largest strata brokers in Australia. This provides BAC with significant buying power, insight and leverage with insurers when negotiating policy covers, claims settlements and premiums for the benefit of our clients.

Established over 35 years ago with a wealth of experience, our staff are experts in strata insurance. BAC’s comprehensive in-house training systems enable our staff to know and understand what to look for in a policy.

We actually read the fine print and use our size and expertise to negotiate the best cover and conditions for your Owners Corporation.

Our professional approach to arranging your insurance starts up front with our duty of disclosure investigations and this is the Basis of a secure insurance program. When you have a claim, having the right foundation ensures that all our client’s claims are settled expeditiously.

In the unfortunate event of a dispute, we have a specialist claims team on hand and we can assure you that our size and clout gives us the leverage to negotiate a positive outcome for the Owners Corporation.

Our Commitment to You

When you call BAC, you will never have to listen to an automated telephone service. We provide all our clients with at least two dedicated service contacts. You will always talk to a human at BAC and receive a personal, courteous and professional service.

BAC have no Links with any particular insurance company to promote their products. This enables us to recommend what we consider to be the best and most appropriate product from any insurer based on your needs and requirements. We are completely autonomous, guaranteeing you impartial and professional representation whenever we negotiate your insurance.

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Making sure that you have the right cover in the first place is critical to
getting your claim successfully resolved in the end.