Benefits for Owners Corporations

The devil is always in the detail – otherwise known as the fine print”.
(To paraphrase a quote by Fulton J. Sheen)

We specialise in strata insurance. BAC Manage the insurance for over $70 Billion of strata assets for thousands of body corporates and strata managers.

Although other insurance brokers can place strata insurance and may place some, if they are not dealing with strata products on a daily basis they are most likely unaware of the many issues affecting owners corporations.

Strata insurance is our bread and butter. The BAC team of professionals know what to look for and how to incorporate the right cover for the protection of the lot owners, executive committee and the Owners Corporation.

Our sole objective is to protect all the entities at a competitive price. The BAC protection program starts from the beginning with the right design including, investigating your duty of disclosure.

“Getting the foundation right” is a must for a successful insurance program.

To highlight our services we have categorised them below –


To ensure your insurance costs are kept to a minimum, BAC has access to over 13 specialist strata insurers. We compare the terms and conditions as well as the costs before submitting our recommendations for your review every year.


In our experience, most claims are not a problem if the cover is correct and the terms and conditions are understood and appropriate for the strata plan. If these have been established properly from the beginning your claim will be successfully resolved as quickly as possible.

However, if a dispute does arise it helps to have a specialist on your side and one with a considerable amount of business under management, BAC manages over $70 billion in strata insurance and is able to negotiate with insurance companies on equal terms.

For more information on Claims see How We Service Claims


When you call BAC you will never have to listen to an automated telephone service. We provide you with at least two dedicated service contacts to ensure you always enjoy human, personal, and professional service.

BAC annually place insurance for over $70 billion in assets for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Strata properties throughout the Sydney region. This provides BAC with significant buying power, insight and leverage with insurers when negotiating policy covers, claims settlements and premiums for the benefit of our clients.

For more information about our services see Our Services

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Making sure that you have the right cover in the first place is critical to
getting your claim successfully resolved in the end.