Our Services for Strata Managers

BAC’s unique approach to Owners Corporation’s insurance gives the Strata Manager a high level of security and enables you to concentrate on your core business service.

Our approach to an insurance program starts before the policy is initiated with our comprehensive pre-engagement and pre renewal declaration process.

All insurance policies and programs are only as good as the foundation on which they are based meaning the “Duty of Disclosure”. If this is not done properly the policy will stand on a foundation of sand and future claims settlement will always be a lottery. We do it right – so you can sleep at night.

This process then leads into a “needs analysis” and advice which will not only protect the Owners Corporation, the lot owners and the executive committee members, but enhance the reputation of your strata management firm.

BAC has access to every leading strata insurer in Australia and Lloyds of London for hard to place risks. This ensures that no stone is left unturned in finding and presenting you with comprehensive and competitive insurance quotations.

We also understand the importance and the role of the strata manager in Dealing and Arranging insurances. BAC works in tandem with you, the strata manager, as a strategic partner to ensure that the interests of all parties, including the strata manager, are protected. Your protection comes from BAC giving your clients the right advice. Our professionalism when dealing with your clients will once again enhance your reputation

‘Partnering with BAC is risk management for strata managers’.

Our Services Include

  • Access to all leading strata insurers both locally and overseas
  • BAC attendance at executive committee meetings
  • Obtaining up to 7 quotations at each anniversary
  • On-time delivery at a minimum of 21 days prior to renewal
  • Availability of policy comparisons
  • BAC recommendations you can rely on
  • Personal advice
  • Property surveys and assessments at no cost to the strata manager
  • A dedicated service team
  • A dedicated claims consultant
  • Access to hard-to-place strata facility, Lloyds of London
  • Availability of payment by instalments (Premium funding)
  • Online compliance training
  • In-house training on dealing with relevant industry issues e.g.
    • Defects
    • Construction
    • Professional Indemnity claims
    • Compulsory Appointments
  • Access to extremely competitive and comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

 These are some of the benefits of dealing with BAC Insurance Brokers.

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Making sure that you have the right cover in the first place is critical to
getting your claim successfully resolved in the end.